Cultivating Queer Fat Euphoria with The Fat Sex Therapist

Hi friends!

Today we wanted to reflect on a wonderful workshop we facilitated with a special host- Sonalee Rashatwar, The Fat Sex Therapist, on April 23rd 2023. This workshop was titled “Cultivating Queer Fat Euphoria” and opened a lot of discussion and connection about the ways in which we can foster self love in our own queer and/or fat bodies when this is not something popular media tends to support. Sonalee spoke quite a bit about queer fat futurism- the concept that queer and fat bodies are valid and valued and will continue to exist in the future rather than assimilating into dominant cultural expectations. Throughout these discussions, we took many breaks to do body scans, where we checked in with ourselves and asked what we were feeling within our body and if there were ways we could find more comfort and safety in the moment. There were many journaling prompts and questions that opened many doors within our discussion during this workshop.

We have attached Sonalee’s slides and website below for you all to look through, learn with, and perhaps journal along with. We hope this is a healing, generative, caring reframe on the way we are often told to view our queer and/or fat bodies.

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