It’s Scary Out There. Especially For Trans And Gender Non-Conforming Folx. But People Are Fighting, And You Can Help. Here Are Some Resources.

We’ve all seen the scary scary news as states around the US are passing laws to restrict the bodily autonomy of trans and gender non-conforming folx in so many states. And we wonder, what can we do? How can we help? Here we are in NY, where we have so many supportive laws (though there are some people trying to put restrictions on New Yorkers too, and not everyone follows the laws that are in place).

Here are some maps about the laws being passed across the country. They can go out of date quickly, as laws get passed, but these will give you an idea:

Mapping Attacks on LGBTQ Rights in U.S. State Legislatures:

2023 Anti-Trans Bills Tracker:

2023 Anti-Trans Legislation:

Gender affirming care band affecting youth by state:

June Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Map:

Snapshot: LGBTQ Equality by State:

So now, you are wondering, what can I do from up here in CNY? Well, we wondered that too, and we found this lovely resource which has 100 organizations that you can support (through donations) in all 50 states and Puerto Rico:

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