Welcome Queer Community of Madison County!

Welcome to our new website and our very first blog post- we are so glad you are here!! 

Firstly, a bit about us: The Madison County LGBTQIA+ Network, housed at BRiDGES,  was formed in 2017, with support from the CNY Community Foundation. Our goal is to enhance the supports and resources that currently exist, to identify gaps and needs for services, and to bring together the community to raise awareness. We hope to increase support and reduce isolation for LGBTQIA+ folks in Madison County. In 2021, we began a Pride project, providing Pride flags for local businesses around the county and creating a map of participating businesses. The aim of this project was to increase visibility and connect LGBTQIA people in our county with supportive businesses and organizations. Beginning in 2023, we were able to increase programming and capacity to offer many more events and trainings for the community. Currently, we are offering multiple series of workshops and events centered around building community connections.  Our “Crafting Queer Community” series involves creating crafts in community with other LGBTQIA+ folks from our area. Our “Cultivating Queer Community” series is centered around farming and growing. We also offer “Queer Community” events which offer connections and support for local LGBTQIA+ people. We believe that LGBTQIA+ people do not need to move to the big city to make life better, and that creating connections and community can help to make life better here and now in our rural communities.

Along with our programming for LGBTQIA+ people, we also offer trainings to the general public as well as specified trainings for organizations, first responders, caregivers and teachers that focus on LGBTQIA+ awareness and cultural competency. We are continuing to expand our offerings with the goal of forming sustainable connections and support for the LGBTQIA+ community in Madison County. 

Get In Touch!

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! What are LGBTQIA+ needs, wants, dreams for the community in Madco? How can we support you and bridge these gaps? 

Moving forward, this blog will be a space to talk about current queer related events, both regionally and nationally, as well as a space to share thoughts and experiences from other community members. 

For now, thank you for being here, reading our words, and connecting with us! We look forward to continuing to build, grow, and support.

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